Registered Office Services

Under the Company Acts, businesses or companies are required to notify ACRA the registered office address. A registered office address refers to the place where all communications and notices to the business/company are addressed to, and the place where the company’s register and/or records are kept. A registered office must be operational and accessible to the public during normal office hours, but need not be where the company conducts its activities (e.g. the registered office address may be in Raffles Place but the factory could be located in Tuas). AcceServ provides registered office services to our Clients who wish to use our office as an address for their correspondences. They will include mail management services as well.

Alternatively business/company who wishes to use their residential address (Private: URA and Government: HDB) as a registered office address may submit an application for approval for Home-Office Scheme. Restrictions and performance criteria ensure that the scale of the home office use is kept small so that it does not disturb or cause inconvenience to the neighbours. These include:

Not hiring more than 2 non-resident employees

Not displaying any external business signage or advertisements

Not generating noise, smoke, odour, waste matter or dust

The use does not fall within the list of businesses that are not permitted under the HO scheme (e.g. car trading business, shops and any form of retail activity, etc)