1. Cost savings

Company can now enjoy cost saving by focusing on core functions and removing non-core functions. Instead of incurring a fixed payroll cost by having a payroll department, outsourcing to AcceServ allows company to turn fixed payroll costs into variable costs.

2. Avoid complexity, confusion and disruption to payroll operations

Payroll is one of the most vital processes in any organization and yet it is carried out only by trusted staff. With limited manpower able to perform this task, company should anticipated the anticipated (e.g. maternity leave) and unanticipated (e.g. personal accident, family bereavement) incidents that might happen to the few trusted staff. To prevent any disruption to the payroll processes, outsourcing your payroll functions to AcceServ would remove the impact of such contingencies.

3. Time savings

Instead of spending time managing a support function, your staff would be able to focus on value-added activities to contribute to your revenue.

4. Security

No more discussion and leakage of payroll information

5. Happy Employee

Sometimes the simplest thing such as paying the staff promptly is a way to keep them motivated and happy.

6. Statutory Compliance

AcceServ is a reliable and knowledgeable partner that keeps their clients updated with the latest legislation changes and ensuring their payroll to be fully compliance and hence removing the risks and penalties for non-compliance